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Re: GSBN:Strawbale size

<x-flowed windows-1250>On October 31, 2006, "Cross Grain" Swearingen wrote:
We've been using those bales, and I've been delighted with them.  Having the
rough, cut sides touching, rather than the slick, hard folded sides, seems
to result in a better fit, not a worse one.  Also, the bales are very
regular and square (not one corner a bit longer), and we can cut them and
retie them without pressing or doing a tie to hold them in place.

Hola Mr. Cross Grain,
Delighted to hear that, John.
With 2 rough-cut sides touching, that would mean that you would have
alternating pairs of rough and folded sides, wouldn't it? Still work out OK?

Regarding the regularity of the ends, do you think that is due to the type
of Bailer/Bales, or more of the properties of the Rice Straw? I've never
worked with Rice, but I have been told that after they have been compressed
for a while, they tend to hold their size and shape w/o breaking open - is
that correct, and could that be part of the ease of cutting &amp; retying?