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GSBN:bale size

Hi all,

I emailed our favorite California rice farmer, Dennis LaGrande, about the
baler in question. Here is his response:

"The Massey 3 tie inline baler is the same as the Hesston 4690 3 tie inline
baler which are all made by AGCO just marketed under a couple of different
brand names depending on the region.  This is the same case with my 2 tie
inline baler as the new one I bought is marketed by the Catapillar
Challenger line and my old baler being a Hesston is the same baler.  BTW,
the cut side of the bale is actually on the bottom as the material feeds
from underneath.  If the shear knives are kept sharp and properly adjusted
there shouldn't be any severe scalloped ridges on the cut side, maybe just a
little waviness where you can see each charge from the plunger stroke.
These inline balers are so simple and are much faster than the old side feed
balers that produce a bale with the cut on the side.  You may pass on this
technologically boring info to the thread that seems to be wondering about
it but these balers are here to stay in the commercial production market and
only the little light duty hobby farm balers will still be around in the
side feed configuration.

My baling went pretty well this season with the great help of a long "Indian
Summer" through October.  Haven't had a dry fall like this in about 4 years.
Hope to finish moving my bales into storage by the end of tomorrow before
the predicted rain showers start on Wednesday night.

Just 5,000 bales to go. Whew!!!  It's a lot of work."

Dennis stopped by our place here in Joshua Tree on his way home from even
more Southern California. He just bought another of these balers. My
husband, George, has been using some of these bales and feels they are a
tighter bale.  I can try to get a photo of one in the next few days.


PS. According to TLS Resource Guide, there is a 21,000 SF straw church in
Calexico, CA, by Kenton Helms.

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