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Re: GSBN:Re: access to information- wiki?

I totally agree with Derek.


Derek Roff a ?crit :
Duncan's wiki might be a useful repository for this kind of information.
As mentioned in a related posting, we need both books and more dynamic
references for changing information.  As the Strawbale wiki develops, I
think it can meet several reference and information sharing needs.


--On Wednesday, March 8, 2006 12:47 PM -0500 Chris Magwood
cmagwood@... wrote:

On a subject related to details talk:

My own details book is reaching the end of its shelf life. I'm
contributing to the CASBA book, which I think will be a great
resource. However, I'm also contemplating doing an update of my book
but offering it for free on the web (or by donation, or some such
thing). Perhaps there is a place for a TLS/GSBN-sponsored site on
which details are posted visually and accompanied by text/debate? I
don't want to undermine the CASBA effort at all, but since there are
so many possibilities and variations and changes happen faster than
books can be published, perhaps we'd all be doing the whole movement
some good by making an open-to-the-public details shop?

If there's any interest in this, I'm happy to throw the contents of
my details book (plus the revisions I'm working on) into the public
domain as a place to start.


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