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GSBN:a request for information from Russia...

  This came to DCAT today and I was thinking that someone else on this listserve may be better able to be a resource to this person than we are. Particularly all the questions relating to materials and methods that would be appropriate there. gPlease let me know off line if anyone does respond or cc me. Thanks.
 David Eisenberg
  Email: avdeev.v@...: Message... Good afternoon! My name is Vladimir, I live in the Caucuses, Stavropol, Russia. When I was building my first brick house, I began to think about ecology of building materials, especially recently developed and it didnâ??t suit me. I began to think, how did our ancestry built, how did they decide the problem of thermal protection and reliability of the constructions? I searched information in the Internet, but I found small historical articles and modest description of straw houses in Belorussia. I decided to built house with main frame fulfilling straw blocks, so I have some questions: 1. Is it necessary to plaster straw walls from both sides (inside and outside) 2. How long does plaster get dry? ( if works will begun now in autumn or in the beginning of winter)? Does straw get wet inside? How much time does the straw need to get dry? 3. Is it possible to use dry panels instead of pastel, for outside layer - panel from cement and wood cutting? And for inside works â?? stucco & pasteboard slabs (though everyone uses plaster) 4. Is it necessary to work up the straw and how? (against rodent, rotten stuff & fire) 5. Could you present other photos concerning main frame and decorating of the straw houses? 6. Could you inform me, how much does it cost to built straw houses (I mean expences, the cost of straw blocks) Thank you in advance. 
  Sincerely yours, Vladimir Avdeev  

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