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Re: GSBN:Re: access to information- wiki?

Makes sense. Shared quality information rarely has sideeffects.
By the way: good luck to us all regarding the US midterm elections today.
Lars Keller

2006/11/6, André de Bouter forum@...:

I totally agree with Derek.


Derek Roff a ?crit :
> Duncan's wiki might be a useful repository for this kind of information.
> As mentioned in a related posting, we need both books and more dynamic
> references for changing information.  As the Strawbale wiki develops, I
> think it can meet several reference and information sharing needs.
> Derek
> --On Wednesday, March 8, 2006 12:47 PM -0500 Chris Magwood
> cmagwood@... wrote:
>> On a subject related to details talk:
>> My own details book is reaching the end of its shelf life. I'm
>> contributing to the CASBA book, which I think will be a great
>> resource. However, I'm also contemplating doing an update of my book
>> but offering it for free on the web (or by donation, or some such
>> thing). Perhaps there is a place for a TLS/GSBN-sponsored site on
>> which details are posted visually and accompanied by text/debate? I
>> don't want to undermine the CASBA effort at all, but since there are
>> so many possibilities and variations and changes happen faster than
>> books can be published, perhaps we'd all be doing the whole movement
>> some good by making an open-to-the-public details shop?
>> If there's any interest in this, I'm happy to throw the contents of
>> my details book (plus the revisions I'm working on) into the public
>> domain as a place to start.
>> Chris
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