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Re: GSBN:glad it turned out that my wires weren't crossed...

Hi David,

maybe something similar (www.strawcraftsmen.co.uk/ could not be displayed at
the moment): the partner of Pascal Thepaut, Cecile Lemardele Etienne, she is
doing nice artwork with straw. Her postorder site:

I remember working on some essay in the past I found in  Germany a straw
museum with all sorts of products made from straw, like hats, bracelets,

Best wishes from Brittany,

Martin Oehlmann

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> Hey all,
>  What a relief to know that I didn't have my wires crossed... but I did
just stumble across a fascinating website
>  www.strawcraftsmen.co.uk/ seems there is a Guild of Straw Craftsmen in
the UK! Very cool stuff in my quick scan of the site. Just thought people
might be interested in seeing some of the things that other people do with
straw. And this would be a great resource for housewarming gifts for sb home
>  David Eisenberg
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