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Re: GSBN:Siloxane - Potassium Silicate

At 3:11 PM +0100 11/9/06, André de Bouter wrote:

Anyone have any experience with the transparent casein/lime mix that
Gernot Minke mentions in his book?
Did any of you make paint for outside use by mixing finely sifted earth
or clay with any of these additives?
Is it a good idea to mix potassium silicate and/or siloxane in the
finish plaster before applying the plaster? Should one than wear gloves?
Is siloxane the same thing as potassium silicate?
Any other suggestions/products?

You might talk to Paul Salas of the University of New Mexico's materials lab. chansey@.... He hangs around the cob and strawbale lists.

Some years ago I visited his lab and he was experimenting with sodium and potassium silicates for use on adobe. Having grown up in adobe himself, he was particularly interested in reducing the amount of annual maintainence needed (the regular coats of limewash, etc). He demonstrated two visually identical cubes of earth placed under water - the untreated one began dissolving while we talked, while the treated one came out of the water wet, but basically intact after about an hour. If I recall, he said that after it dried out it would be pretty much indistinguishable from untreated adobe once again.

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