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GSBN:Proposal for 2 new French members


Last weekend we had our second National SB gathering here in France. It
was a fruitful weekend and we discussed a lot of stuff. One work group
works towards a future french /guidelines/building code/'european
building code'. Along the way they will decide which of the above will
really be attempted. We would like for 2 of this group to become member
of the GSBN in order to facilitate their international communication.

Here are their introductions:

Vincent Pierr?
I am strawball building designer and builder.
I have a mechanical and thermical engineering education.
I learn ecological building design since 6 years
I make some experimentation on domes and vaults made of strawballs
I am working on Strawball Building Code for France
vincent.pierre3@...<<a  target="_blank" href="mailto:vincent.pierre3@free.fr";>mailto:vincent.pierre3@...>

Luc Floissac
I'm an architecture researcher in Toulouse School of Architecture. My
work is dedicated to ecological buildings.
I'm a own straw bale builder.
I am working on Straw bale Building Code for France
(Luc was present during the ISBBC in Canada)

I am not an active part of this group so I cannot be the contact for
this group. Also, I have committed myself to be a house wife (in france
'house man' is not a legal possibility) 50% of the time in order to give
Coralie the space to continue her art therapist training. And to be with
our kids of course. This means that I have to learn to say 'no' more often.

I hope their nominations will be accepted. We leave for the south of
Spain today to give a SB workshop so I will probably not be able to
check my mailbox until the 6th of dec.
By the way, Tom Rijven did not seem interested to join the GSBN (he does
not have a regular Internet connection as Tom is 'allways' on the road)

One more note Siloxane - Potassium Silicate  : Receiving only one mail
(from Bill C.) leaves me wondering if no one has experience with this
product or if I should not bother the GSBN with this type of technical
questions (or, that all of you are even more 'snowed under' your work
than I am)

Warm greetings,