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Re: GSBN:Proposal for 2 new French members

Hi Andre,

good work - blind support, its great if France moves on...

Best wishes,

Martin Oehlmann

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Subject: GSBN:Proposal for 2 new French members

> Hello,
> Last weekend we had our second National SB gathering here in France. It
> was a fruitful weekend and we discussed a lot of stuff. One work group
> works towards a future french /guidelines/building code/'european
> building code'. Along the way they will decide which of the above will
> really be attempted. We would like for 2 of this group to become member
> of the GSBN in order to facilitate their international communication.
> Here are their introductions:
> Vincent Pierr?
> I am strawball building designer and builder.
> I have a mechanical and thermical engineering education.
> I learn ecological building design since 6 years
> I make some experimentation on domes and vaults made of strawballs
> I am working on Strawball Building Code for France
> vincent.pierre3@...<<a  target="_blank" href="mailto:vincent.pierre3@free.fr";>mailto:vincent.pierre3@...>
> Luc Floissac
> I'm an architecture researcher in Toulouse School of Architecture. My
> work is dedicated to ecological buildings.
> I'm a own straw bale builder.
> I am working on Straw bale Building Code for France
> (Luc was present during the ISBBC in Canada)
> Luc.Floissac@...
> I am not an active part of this group so I cannot be the contact for
> this group. Also, I have committed myself to be a house wife (in france
> 'house man' is not a legal possibility) 50% of the time in order to give
> Coralie the space to continue her art therapist training. And to be with
> our kids of course. This means that I have to learn to say 'no' more
> I hope their nominations will be accepted. We leave for the south of
> Spain today to give a SB workshop so I will probably not be able to
> check my mailbox until the 6th of dec.
> By the way, Tom Rijven did not seem interested to join the GSBN (he does
> not have a regular Internet connection as Tom is 'allways' on the road)
> One more note Siloxane - Potassium Silicate  : Receiving only one mail
> (from Bill C.) leaves me wondering if no one has experience with this
> product or if I should not bother the GSBN with this type of technical
> questions (or, that all of you are even more 'snowed under' your work
> than I am)
> Warm greetings,
> Andr?
> France

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