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GSBN:potassium silicate

Hi Andre,
Snowed under is the reality of a slow response vis a vis your question about potasium silicate.

I have experimented with the Eco House primers and paints on a variety of earth plasters in our northern Maritime climate, and found them to be very effective against wind driven rain erosion of the same. They also "stop dusting" and, to a degree, will stabilize a somewhat crumbly/sandy mix. The Eco House unpigmented/filled carrier will leave a slightly cloudy matt mask on a surface - it may be that straight up potassium silicate would do the same.

I know Bill and Athena have been experimenting with PS also, they will know more.


One more note Siloxane - Potassium Silicate  : Receiving only one mail
(from Bill C.) leaves me wondering if no one has experience with this
product or if I should not bother the GSBN with this type of technical
questions (or, that all of you are even more 'snowed under' your work
than I am)

Warm greetings,

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