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Re: GSBN:Proposal for 2 new French members

Yes, absolutely, I move that we add these two French advocates, Vincent Pierr? et Luc Floissac to the GSBN.

At 09:39 AM 11/14/2006, you wrote:
Bienvenue !!

2006/11/13, André de Bouter forum@...:
Vincent Pierr?
I am strawball building designer and builder.
I have a mechanical and thermical engineering education.
I learn ecological building design since 6 years
I make some experimentation on domes and vaults made of strawballs
I am working on Strawball Building Code for France
vincent.pierre3@...<<a  target="_blank" href="mailto:vincent.pierre3@free.fr";>mailto:vincent.pierre3@...>

Luc Floissac
I'm an architecture researcher in Toulouse School of Architecture. My
work is dedicated to ecological buildings.
I'm a own straw bale builder.
I am working on Straw bale Building Code for France
(Luc was present during the ISBBC in Canada)