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Re: GSBN:Leaving the list and abandoning the wikibook

At 6:51 PM +0100 11/13/06, Duncan Lithgow wrote:
Hi all, I've been a lurker and sometimes commenter on this list for a
while now. But the backlog of unread emails tells me that my energies
are being focused in other places. Probably because I now have a son and
have started full time study again.

I certainly understand the time required for both family and school.
I'm happy that I haven't yet tried to fit both of those and work into
the same schedule!  Sorry to hear that you're having to bow out.

One of the projects I started is the wikibook on strawbale...The address is
<a  target="_blank" href="http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Straw_Bale_Construction";>http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Straw_Bale_Construction</a>

Apologies for not having gotten to this earlier.  You've done
excellent work getting this started, and any one of us on this list
could probably find plenty of holes to fill in.  I can think of much
that I'd like to add - both to this and to my own site - and hope to
be able to do that soon.

  * "Sounds technical" - it's not. It can be as easy as writing and
email. And if everyone who answers a question on this list also made
sure the information they share is in the wikibook - imagine what a
resource it will become!


Bill Christensen
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