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Re: GSBN:Re: GSBN Research to combat solar warming

G ' day DE, Derek at al

Thanks for the responses and I am learning every day.  I feel that
Professor Ian Plimer has been taken out of context in the article he
wrote for The Australian.  Having met him I feel that I should try to
put what he said into some form of context.

Ian feels that here are 27 reasons why the planet is heating up.
Human beings are just one of these reasons.  He talks about the past
and warns us that a volcano or meteor will sort us humans out in the
end, not ourselves.

His talk was very interesting and he made some statements of which I
think I got right, amongst them were that:

251 million years ago 96% of life was made extinct by one volcano erupting.
217 million years ago another mass extinction of life.
100 million years ago the South pole was tropical
65 million years ago a meteor or asteroid hit the Gulf of Mexico 80%
extinction of life including the dinosaurs.
5 million years ago the earth started to wobble.
125,000 years ago the sea level was 7 metres higher than it is now.
74,000 years ago Toba volcano spewed 100,000 cubic kilo metres of ash
into the atmosphere?  (I can not read my writing here).
18,000 years ago we had the ice ages with Detroit under 2,000 metres of ice.
sea levels rose 130 metres in 13,000 years much faster than today.
10,000 years ago things got very warm.
6,000 years ago sea levels were 2 metres higher than today.
535 AD Krakatoa exploded along with another one in 536 AD which
created the Dark Ages due to 100 cubic kilo metres of sulphur etc
spewed into the atmosphere.
1883 Tamboa and Krakatoa erupted
The plates moving North etc creates the pressure which leads to
eruptions and heaps of gas.  The two volcanoes above released more
greenhouse gases that the whole of mankind has done in 100 years of
industrialisation.  One or two volcanoes.

He concluded by stating that the planet is also warmed by the sun
which has come closer to the earth and it is these changes which
control the earth not mankind.

Also in question time he said that Mount St Helens spewed 1 cu
kilometre of ash c.f. with Krakatoa in AD 535 with 100 cu kilo metres
of ash.

That is what he said as far as I can recall from my notes.  I hope I
got him right.

So I am not still convinced by his arguments that the current global
warming is not of our doing.  What I think he is saying is that our
efforts to warm the planet pale into insignificance when compared to
mother nature.  I do not think he is saying that we are not
responsible for the current "minor" in his opinion global warming made
by man and nature.  Look at the fires around Sydney at the moment
started by lightning and still burning creating lots of smoke and
pollutants into the atmosphere.

Anyhow food for thought and discussion but unfortunately the right
wing politicians around here like theories such as those put forward
by the Plimers of this world.

For mine I will keep promoting straw bale responsible building to our
clients and anyone who wants to listen and that we humans are very
much responsible for this planet's condition at this present time in

Kind regards The Straw Wolf moving into our straw bale den at long last.