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GSBN:Re: John's query about low cost housing initiatives

Hi John,
news as per low cost housing in South Africa ...ironically it is still
"illegal" to do new houses with natural building methods in this
country...one has to either build "illegally" knowing that you do not want
to sell your house on the open market (where banks are involved) or bend the
rules by doing a starter house in conventional methods and then do an
extension of the rest with natural materials ...because our monopoly
supporting NHBRC (National Housings Building Regulatory Council)
registration law only applys to new houses.....so that rules out any low
cost housing initiatives at the moment.

However in the mean time, I have been doing a lot of community building
workshops this year .... providing training workshops for private clients as
well as previously disadvantaged local comunity members....in straw bale and
adobe. Most of them have been for public buildings (government and privately
funded).You can see some of it on our web site, which we are about to update
with some of the newer projects.
N2 project built sadly with conventional materials & systems  ....and not
occupied cause the contractor has still not been paid...big scandal actually
and unfortunately made the government paranoid about higher density urban
design ...so they are going back to postage stamp engineer designed concrete
block matchboxes in the middle of the plot type of mentality....

Have not yet made a meeting with the housing minister.. However I am giving
a talk to the cities building officials tomorrow so after that (hopefully
with their support), I think I will be knocking on the housing ministers'

I have attatched some pictures of my latest ..(if that is a problem with the
GSBN? what is the SB-r-us....where do i find it?).
- a gate house for a municipal caravan site in the Northern Cape. You will
notice I am using a pre-dipping method ....saves loads of time on the
plastering and avoids us having to use machines to spray on plaster....Have
now built 5 structures like this and just love the method. I have been
intending to write an article in the Last Straw explaining the system.
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have attatched
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G ' day Andy

Thoughtful response my sentiments exactly mate.

Trouble is over here and the US of A the two leaders are the only two
leaders who have not signed Kyoto.  Both George W and John Howard are
pushing the nuclear option and cite employment and the economy will
suffer if we sign up.  They are powerful men and look after the big
end of town.

Looking forward to climbing Kilimanjaro and I hope to make it to the
glaciers want to touch them before they go until the next ice age!

Let us know how straw bales are going in South Africa.  Any push for
the low cost end of your building industry for straw bales?  Is the N2
project under way?  Any chance of straw bale getting in front of the
Ministry of Housing?  How are you going with your buildings would love
a couple of pics one day.  Maybe you could post some on SB -r-us list?
I could do that for you if you want.

We are hoping to be back in Cape Town next July on the way to Kilimanjaro.

Every one on this list is off the fence and acting by example with
straw bale building just got to get it in front of our pollies.

Kind regards
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