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 Hello all. I have been contacted by Gavin Walker, an honors student at Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland who is doing his dissertation on straw bale construction, and in particular on what people know and think about it in Scotland and how that relates to being able to get building permission. He has a questionnaire that he is hoping to use to gather information. If you have information about sb building in Scotland (or perhaps elsewhere in the UK) and would be willing to fill out a questionnaire about it, please contact him through the info below to get a copy of the survey or for more information. He told me that he would gladly share his results/dissertation with me and I suppose he would be willing to share it with others.
 Here's his info:

 Gavin Walker
 2 Farmfield Terrace
 West Kilbride
 KA23 9ED


 David Eisenberg


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