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Re: GSBN: SB in Scotland

David -

I will send him the text of the section on the UK I wrote for the TLS SB
Codes issue.  Maybe Barbara Jones and/or Chris Tugby could contact him as

Martin Hammer

>  Hello all. I have been contacted by Gavin Walker, an honors student at
> Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland who is doing his dissertation on
> straw bale construction, and in particular on what people know and think about
> it in Scotland and how that relates to being able to get building permission.
> He has a questionnaire that he is hoping to use to gather information. If you
> have information about sb building in Scotland (or perhaps elsewhere in the
> UK) and would be willing to fill out a questionnaire about it, please contact
> him through the info below to get a copy of the survey or for more
> information. He told me that he would gladly share his results/dissertation
> with me and I suppose he would be willing to share it with others.
>  Here's his info:
>  Gavin Walker
>  2 Farmfield Terrace
>  West Kilbride
>  KA23 9ED
>  gavin.walker01@...
>  Thanks,
>  David Eisenberg