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Re: GSBN:Re:

We helped Stuart Sullivan build a SB isolation room at his studio  here in
Austin, Wire Recording.  He has a large rented space and  orginally wanted the
room (approximately  20ftx30ft) for a drum room but he  now uses it more for
piano and organ.  He did not want us to plaster so we  put 2 layers of 5/8"
drywall on the out side (still inside the building  envelope) and various fabrics
on the inside.  It has been ranked in the top  3 studios in town several years
running and he said he would definately do straw  bale again.
We did another studio earlier this year for Jim Eno who is the drummer  for
the popular rock band Spoon.
The live room is exposed red adobe bricks, which we made with no artifical
or petroish ingredients, with contrasting white clay mortar. see pics
www.thangmaker.com   The control room, isolation rooms and upper level  of the live
room are dry wall with earthen plaster.  Earth seems to score  big with
recording engineers and acousticians.  Jim has only been open  a few months but is
getting great feedback...no pun intended.

Frank Meyer

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