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Re: GSBN:Re:

No, the drywallers screwed 2 layers of 5/8" sheetrock to the framing with  an
air gap in between.  We then rolled on wheat paste and plastered  with clay,
fine aggregates, chopped straw and wheat paste.  I have done  several ceilings
that way and had no plaster crack, fall off or otherwise  fail.  Jim's studio
is the ultimate test for it, I guess, in terms of  vibration.  Actually a
foot note to that:   in my tests I found  that this may not be a good method if
the room is to be subjected to  extreme conditions ie: Austin weather (100F+
and very high humidity to  freezing cold and very low humidity).   However, as
you know, recording  studios are highly controlled environments and I do not
see this being a  problem .   Using a primer with Elmer's glue and sand is
probably a saver way to go if the room is not under constant humidity and
temperature control in a climate such as ours.


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