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Re: GSBN:SB Fire fighting

Hello all - And also a Happy New Year...

The first issue of TLS I edited/managed (in the good ol' days of
1996...) had an article by my friend Richard Hofmeister about the
tragic fire that burned his straw-bale student shelter that he had
built at Taliesin West.  Together, we did a "forensic" visit to the
site after the fire, took a whole bunch of photos of the wreckage.
He then did research into what caused the fire, how the fire
department responded, and what was learned from the experience by
everyone, and wrote a quite nice piece about building to prevent
fires and ideas about trying to put them out.

The article (I think it was in TLS Issue #13, or #14...) was
relatively thorough, Catherine, but I'm sure Richard would be glad to
fill in any gaps if you wanted to contact him.  Here's his current
email contact at his architecture firm in LA...


Best wishes to everyone for the new year,
Tom Hahn

Happy 2007!

Since there are a number of strawbale homes in our area, our local
volunteer fire department has expressed an interest in training the
members in how to fight a fire in a bale house.

I am currently compiling all of the TLS stories about fire for
background information.

Does anyone know if there is already a fire department that has
established a protocol for fighting strawbale fires?  If not, can you
offer suggestions in this regard?

Thank you in advance.

Best Regards,

Catherine Wanek
Natural Building Resources
505-895-3389 / 800-676-5622