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Re: GSBN:SB Fire fighting

Hello everybody, (Happy 2007 to you all!)

During our very un-official SB fire testing at our house (sort of
throwing a SB on a fire) I learned that putting the full blast (garden
hose) on it does not extingquish the straw fire very well as it also
brings in oxygen. A very soft brizzle however was VERY effective.

I suggest we all bring out our x-mas trees and do some more testing.


PS on the Potassium silicate front: Thanks for the replies and yes I
agree that good design is and stays crucial.

Catherine Wanek a ?crit :
Happy 2007!

Since there are a number of strawbale homes in our area, our local
volunteer fire department has expressed an interest in training the
members in how to fight a fire in a bale house.

I am currently compiling all of the TLS stories about fire for
background information.

Does anyone know if there is already a fire department that has
established a protocol for fighting strawbale fires?  If not, can you
offer suggestions in this regard?

Thank you in advance.

Best Regards,

Catherine Wanek
Natural Building Resources
505-895-3389 / 800-676-5622

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