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Re: GSBN:SB Fire fighting

Hello Catherine -

Happy 2007 to you and to everyone else also (and I do mean EVERYONE).

I encourage the (Kingston ,NM?) fire department to obtain a CD of the recent
ASTM Fire Test and have each member watch the video.  Bruce King, et al,
produced a very instructive video which includes some "framing" information
as well.  I think you saw it at the ISBBC.  It doesn't tell you how to put a
SB fire out, but is instructive nonetheless.  A DVD or QuickTime CD (choose
one) is obtainable as follows:

send a $15 check to:

Ecological Building Network
11 Mark Dr.
San Rafael, CA  94903

They can go to the website  www.ecobuildnetwork.org and click on SB Test
Program and then click on New - ASTM Fire Test . . . .  for more info.

(Bruce correct me if I'm wrong on any of this)

Also, without wanting to put them on the spot, maybe Bob Theis or Bob Bolles
has something to add.  Through research and/or direct experience, they have
much knowledge about the subject of SB and fire.  Bob Theis wrote a piece
for TLS not too long ago which I'm sure you will find.

Good luck.

Martin Hammer

> Happy 2007!
> Since there are a number of strawbale homes in our area, our local
> volunteer fire department has expressed an interest in training the
> members in how to fight a fire in a bale house.
> I am currently compiling all of the TLS stories about fire for
> background information.
> Does anyone know if there is already a fire department that has
> established a protocol for fighting strawbale fires?  If not, can you
> offer suggestions in this regard?
> Thank you in advance.
> Best Regards,
> Catherine Wanek
> Natural Building Resources
> www.StrawbaleCentral.com
> 505-895-3389 / 800-676-5622
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