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GSBN:SB Fire fighting

Hi Martin and all,

I also extend my best New Years wishes to all.

You wrote: I encourage the (Kingston ,NM?) fire department to obtain a CD of
the recent ASTM Fire Test and have each member watch the video.  Bruce King,
et al, produced a very instructive video which includes some "framing"
information as well.

Thanks for the reminder; I will also order one.

I have only one note to add;

After the '04 "Cedars Fire" that burned around 300,000 Acres (~121,000
Hectares) in San Diego County CA, USA, and destroyed ~3,000 homes (3 of
which were Straw Bale), I was able to closely examine one of the Straw Bale
buildings;  the Crestridge Preserve Kiosk.

The round building was about 6.5 meters in diameter and had 2 meter
openings, door & window, on the North and South ends, leaving two curved
clay plastered Bale walls between the openings. Remarkably, one of these
walls remained standing after the fire; consisted of WWM-reinforced clay
plaster, filled with charred Straw, in which though somewhat compressed, the
individual fibers were distinguishable.

It seemed plausible to me that while the wall was penetrated by the fire at
the electrical outlets, the wall became so hot (2,500 deg F ?) that the heat
caused the straw to off-gas carbon monoxide which created a firebox-like
interior of the building.

Has anyone else observed this kind of result, and does the offgassing seem
plausible? If so, what are the ramifications regarding fighting such a fire?

Best regards~