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GSBN:Re: ESBG - European Straw Bale Gathering 2007

Wonderful news Martin

Best wishes for 2007 and with the ESBG organisation.

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Subject: GSBN:ESBG - European Straw Bale Gathering 2007

Hello there, a happy 2007 and all lovely things around.
Here an announcement from the German strawbale network, which arrived today.
Best wishes,
Martin Oehlmann

ESBG - European Straw Bale Gathering 2007

Dear friends.

On our past conference of FASBA (Association for Straw Bale Construction in
Germany) we intended to continue the tradition of the European Straw Bale
Gathering (ESBG), which was hold last in 2002 in Austria.

We would like to invite you to eco-village Sieben Linden* / Germany

for the European Straw Bale Gathering 2007, August 5. - 12.

After some consideration, the eco-village Sieben Linden finally seems to be
the right place. The location, which some of you may know already, has three
large straw bale houses and some smaller experimental constructions. Sieben
Linden is also taking part in competition for the World Habitat Award of
BSHF (Building and Social Housing Foundation) in a final selection of 12

In order to have enough time to get to know each other during the ESBG, we
suggest to offer a work camp on existing construction projects during the
first four days from Sunday to Thursday. There is also the idea of building
a small load bearing "straw bale hotel" for temporary use during the

>From Thursday evening to Sunday would be time for presentation of activities
from different countries, intensive technical interchange, lectures and
thematic work groups as well as for open space meetings. Perhaps there will
be also an impulse for a following ESBG.

Additional straw bale construction sites in Germany we will announce in
time. Some preparatory workshops could be hold there too. From England and
Denmark the idea came up to organize a "straw bale tour", which will end at
the conference site in Sieben Linden.

We would appreciate very much, if all participating countries and groups
would present an overview about their straw bale activities and main
emphasis of their work as well as their practical knowledge of details with
construction materials, official permissions, successful results or possible
errors and building damages. There will be space also for exhibition and
poster presentations of various projects.

In the next days we will place requests for the promotion of the meeting. In
order to reduce the travel expenses and the participation fees we think of
placing a promotion request for Leonardo Mobility, which must be
supplemented then by you in your own country. Details of this program will
be given to you shortly.

The amount of participant is not certain, but we imagine that early
applicants should get a solid discount and that also those, which exercise
professional translating activities during the conference should get special

Please give this first information into your circles and federations, so
that it can be strewn as far as possible.

You will get a detailed flyer by the end of January.

Best wishes and much success with your work!!

Sissy Hein

of the preparation team of the FASBA 2007-Dezember-20

*(Eco-village Sieben Linden is located in northern Germany near Poppau, 30
km south of Salzwedel; >>www.oekodorf7linden.de<< )