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GSBN:Re: GSBN re: Minke

Dear GSBNâers,
We very much support the invitation of Gernot Minke to GSBN, seems odd
that he is not part of it as yet. Have worked with him on several
occasions, last time in Germany a couple of years ago when that
strawbale Music Dome was built, designed and project managed by Gernot
(more info and pictures on his <a  target="_blank" href="http://www.gernotminke.de/minke.html";>http://www.gernotminke.de/minke.html</a> as
well as our website). Also were given the opportunity to proof read the
English translation of his and Friedemann Mahlke&#xE2;s strawbale building
book, very recommended reading.
His e-mail address is mail@...
Being on the subject of new members we would like to ask if a mail we
send end of October 2006 in regards to a nomination by us for Kermo
Juerman from Estonia actually was received by the list. We never heard
back in that regard, not even a no, can&#xE2;t do as no one else knows the
guy or his work or something on that line. Had expected some reply even
if it was not supportive of the invitation. Please let us know if the
list got that mail, otherwise we may take the liberty to send it again.
Best wishes for a happy &amp; peaceful 2007. Frank &amp; Ingrid
Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow, Strawbale Construction
Ph. &amp; Fax: + 61 2 4443 5282 Mobile: 0408415806

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