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RE: GSBN:Re: Minke

Thank you Martin for having made this for a long time overdue suggestion.

We support the invitation  of Prof. Minke to GSBN and would be proud to have
a third german gsbn-list member. Apart from the mentioned activities of Prof
Minke he is furthermore involved in the FASBA loadbearing test programm
(results see below). And as probably everybody here know, he is very well
versed in alternative building techniques, especially with clay/ earth, with
several international publications. May be, he will now even have time know
to follow this list, because he has been given emeritus status since about
one year.

His doctoral candidate (in architecture) and FASBA board member, Benjamin
Krick is currently working out his thesis about straw bale building. Among
other things he works on a part of our load tests.

By the way: We will introduce first tests results on the ESBG from 5 until
August 12th, 2007, also mentioned by Martin M.. Besides the loadbearing
tests we at present take fire tests (among others one F 90 test on a
load-bearing straw bale wall under load) and want to give proof of the mould
resistance of straw. The examinations (WUFI,...) for this are partly carried
out in Kassel at the Zentrum fur Umweltbewusstes Bauen
(<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.zub-kassel.de/";>http://www.zub-kassel.de/</a>), a building physics institute where Prof. Minke
is a member of the executive board.

Dirk Scharmer
FASBA chairman

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At 05:50 AM 1/10/2007, moehlmann wrote:
>There is something else: if Gernot Minke (a professor of architecture in
>Kassel) would be interested to join GSBN, this would be great.

         I'm very strongly in favor of Gernot Minke being involved
here. Or anywhere else I happen to be lurking. FWIW.

Mark Piepkorn

It is not the activity of the present moment
but wise reflections from the past
that help us to safeguard the future.
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