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Re: GSBN:Re: GSBN re: Minke

Hi all,

so it seems you like him to be involved. He doesn't know yet, so I am going
to send him an email today.

Best wishes,
Martin Oehmann

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At 9:43 AM +1100 1/11/07, Frank & Ingrid wrote:
>His e-mail address is mail@...

Thanks for Gernot's address.  I was waiting for someone to get around to

>Being on the subject of new members we would like to ask if a mail we
>send end of October 2006 in regards to a nomination by us for Kermo
>Juerman from Estonia actually was received by the list. We never heard
>back in that regard, not even a no, can't do as no one else knows the
>guy or his work or something on that line. Had expected some reply even
>if it was not supportive of the invitation. Please let us know if the
>list got that mail, otherwise we may take the liberty to send it again.

Looks like that one slipped through the cracks.
Your mail did come through (10/23) and I see that
you included Kermo's email address as well.  The
only response I see was from Rikki asking for
contact info.

My apologies for not getting on that one - I was
in the middle of a big project at the time and
probably just glossed over the email.

I'll send out invitations to both Gernot and
Kermo later tonight, unless I hear otherwise.

Bill Christensen
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