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GSBN:RE: German SB Conference

At 02:37 AM 1/11/2007, Dirk Scharmer wrote:
.....We will introduce first tests results on the ESBG from 5 until
August 12th, 2007, also mentioned by Martin M.. Besides the loadbearing
tests we at present take fire tests (among others one F 90 test on a
load-bearing straw bale wall under load) and want to give proof of the mould
resistance of straw. ...

Good work, Dirk (and all the other volunteer contributors to this
important testing effort!)

Also, the August conference at  Sieben Linden, an ecovillage, should
be a valuable gathering.

GSBNers -- I highly recommend a visit to Germany to see some of their
well-designed & crafted straw-bale buildings, including the amazing
"Stropolis" at Sieben Linden, a three-story, 5000sf, strawbale
"apartment building" for perhaps 20(?) ecovillage residents.  Built
to commercial code, with timber structure, earth plasters inside and
out, photovoltaics, etc.... designed by Dirk Scharmer.

warm greetings,
Catherine Wanek

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