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Re: GSBN:GSBN re Ecohouse


Your remark on the cover makes a very good point it remembers me of the continuing struggle preventing the design of SB houses with parapet walls. We all know it is bad practice but it persists with poorly informed architects leading the way. I suppose there are too many people out there who when you talk about SB immediatley conjure up a mental image of a pueblo style building.

A problem we have here in the Netherlands is that SB houses tend to become very complex and therefore expensive buildings. Possibly this is because there is the image that an eco-friendly house should have an organic form and the design becomes organically construed. I prefer a simple building that is allowed to evolve over time. Maybe I am a modernist at heart but I like simple straight forward buildings that are not that clean cut that they do not age well. Buildings should be such that they can take on a patina as they grow older and better.

On Jan 12, 2007, at 18:42, André de Bouter wrote:

Thanks also for asking why THAT picture was, and still is, on the cover
of Gernot's book. The explanation (very 'sexy' picture) should be a
warning for all (future) writers among us. Don't let editors have 51%
power over the content and the form of the book. In my humble opinion
THAT picture undoes much the writing that is in that same book. Maybe
I'm making a case of something that will turn out to be in fact a good
and fresh idea. But I'd like to see some more data before seing it on a
cover of a book (wich is for the rest a very good book!).