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RE: GSBN:GSBN re Ecohouse

<x-charset windows-1250>I've also heard that Russian and Eastern European mice are heavy smokers, so
there is an increased risk of fire from mice setting up house in the bales.


John Swearingen
design and construction

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Dear all.

Another thing to consider when discussing Sarah's straw bale house are mice.

There are two straw bale houses in Siberia, that have been built the similar
way as Sarah's except there was asbestos sheeting covering unplastered straw
instead of plastic on those houses. Only after one winter the Siberians
decided to take the sheeting off and plaster the straw under it, because the
amount of mice loving the space in the winter was incredible. Check:
<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.jakubwihan.com/pdf/SBinSiberia.pdf";>http://www.jakubwihan.com/pdf/SBinSiberia.pdf</a> page 9.

There is also one intentionally unplastered straw bale house in the Czech
Republic. I heard that the owner is troubled by mice living in bales.



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