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Re: GSBN: re Ecohouse

At 5:52 PM -0800 1/17/07, Martin Hammer wrote:

In my most recent straw bale code draft I have addressed two of the above
issues and am considering addressing the third.  I'm very interested in the
opinions of GSBNers.  My current and imminent positions are as follows,  but
feel free to comment or to flat out disagree.  In reverse order of the

Do the codes typically address the construction process as well?

If so, I'd suggest language prohibiting use of grinders, welders,
propane torches, smoking, and other sources of ignition within X
distance of any exposed straw including loose straw on the ground
unless certain safety conditions were met.  (for instance, some
plumbing joints may need to be soldered but there are insulating
materials which can be put behind and above the joint to prevent
ignition, and a water hose can be turned on and ready).

As Wolfie mentioned, most bale buildings which have burned - and all
but two of the total losses that I can think of - have been a result
of stray sparks igniting loose straw while under construction.

If I were an insurance company I'd be quite comfortable providing
fire insurance on a finished bale building but really nervous about
construction insurance.

Bill Christensen
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