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Re: GSBN: re Ecohouse


In California, those things would be covered by Cal OSHA if they are covered at all.  Workplace safety is a State issue in terms of the health and safety of those working on it (but only if they are paid - not owner/builders).
There is very little that I can think of in code about protecting a building while it is being built.  The California Building Code has no such provisions that I can recall.

Nehemiah Stone

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> Date: 1/17/2007 7:37:15 PM
> Do the codes typically address the construction process as well?
> If so, I'd suggest language prohibiting use of grinders, welders,
> propane torches, smoking, and other sources of ignition within X
> distance of any exposed straw including loose straw on the ground
> unless certain safety conditions were met.  (for instance, some
> plumbing joints may need to be soldered but there are insulating
> materials which can be put behind and above the joint to prevent
> ignition, and a water hose can be turned on and ready).

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