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Re: GSBN:Kermo Jrmann_joins_GSBN

Dear all,

Thank you GSBN members for supporting my candidacy to join this list.
Special thanks to Frank & Ingrid from Yesterday - Today - Tomorrow, Straw
Bale Construction. I am excited to be involved in the SB community and I'm
sure that the knowledge I gain is very useful for developing SB in

A few words about myself. I graduated from the University of Tartu, I
studied Environmental Technology and specialised in Ecotechnology. I did
research on how lime render, as a traditional construction material,
regulates indoor air humidity.
In the past I have done general construction work as well as lime &
clay rendering for several years now. At the moment I'm working on putting
together my own company in the field of sustainable building.

I travelled and worked in Australia for 11 months, from October 2005 to
mid-September 2006. While there, I worked with Frank Thomas on six
different strawbale projects, raising walls and rendering with clay & lime
(all my strawbale construction photos in Australia can be seen on
<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.keskkond.com/strawbalebuilding";>http://www.keskkond.com/strawbalebuilding</a>).

Today there are 7 strawbale buildings in Estonia. Some photos of these are
available at
<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.keskkond.com/strawbalebuilding/estonia.htm";>http://www.keskkond.com/strawbalebuilding/estonia.htm</a>
We hope to have hundreds of them in a couple of years!
We have some ideas and plans with people from Lithuania to promote SB in the
Baltic region. We are currently looking for partners from Europe (especially
from the Northern countries).

Kind regards,

Kermo J?rmann

> Hi folks,
> Kermo J?rmann joined GSBN today.
> His response to the invitation is below.  Any Euros care to respond?
> ----
> Yes, Im very interested in being included in the discussions.
> I have other quastion for you. Im searching some partners from Europe  to
> develope sustainable building field (specially straw bale construction,
> grass roofs, passive-houses etc.) in Estonia and maybe its possible to
> take part (me and my workers) in some courses or workshops. I'm planning
> to write some project to European Union to find financial support. Do you
> have any good recommendation.
> Sincerely Yours,
> Kermo J?rmann
> kermo@...
> +372 56 665 425
> ----
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