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Re: GSBN:Rockwool toxic?

Hello Evgen,
rock wool ( and fiberglass) is not chemically toxic, as fiberglass is just
as neutral as glass. But its mechanical properties, being made of millions
of tiny fibers, have an agressiv effect when inhaled in the lungs.  it is
irritatings to the eyes as well, those who ever fitted rockwool know what I
As these mineral wools (glass or rock) are commonly placed under rooofs,
and behind ceilings & walls; the most minute particles fly around people in
the house, year after year. And it is suspected to start cancers in the
throat, lungs, etc.
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At 10:02 PM +0300 1/21/07, Evgen Shirokov wrote:

real amount of health demage and do the same with PVC, rock wool
insulation, stirol

I have not previously heard of rockwool being toxic.  Details please?
You're not talking about fiberglass, are you?

What is stirol?

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Bill Christensen
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