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GSBN:Re: GSBN:Rockwool toxic?

<x-charset koi8-r>Dear Bill,

about propetise of rockwool as wool - see another letter of Lorenzo, but usually (at least in my country and Europe) it has yellow color - becouse of phenol/formaldegid or carbon/formaldegid glue inside.

"Stirol" (tradmark in Europe was "Stiropor" or similar - white (sometimes blue) porous plastic, widly use for outside insulation in Germany, Russia, etc.
Sorry for my English.

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> At 10:02 PM +0300 1/21/07, Evgen Shirokov wrote:
> >real amount of health demage and do the same with PVC, rock wool
> >insulation, stirol
> I have not previously heard of rockwool being toxic.  Details please?
> You're not talking about fiberglass, are you?
> What is stirol?
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