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Re: GSBN:Re: Tom Rijven's apprentice

No? is a very active player in the French SB network (Les Compaillons).
He has worked with Tom Rijven for a year and has traveled to Denmark to
learn more on SB and rocket stoves (which he now promotes here in
France). He is a bright young man that looks good in a dress (and not
afraid to wear it). He does indeed have a close connection to Tom 'the
SB gypsy' as he is his webmaster. I am in favor for him to join the
group unless anyone feels that their are getting to much french on this
list. (we are 4 at the moment)

Bye the way. Now that we have left the time for other countries to
propose organizing the next ISBBC. And since we have had no proposals.
Are COSBA and CASBA still game, and do they want to make it official?

Best regards from snowed under France,


Lars Keller a ?crit :
You are right Mark, he is the one.
I support No?s joining of this admirable club.

2007/1/26, Mark Piepkorn mark@...:

At 05:44 PM 1/25/2007, Anarchitecture - Paille wrote:
>I would like to be in this mailing liste
>no? solsona, aprenticeship of Tom Rijven

I favor this even if for no reason other than the
connection to that wildman. I don't think Tom
suffers fools for long, and that's a good
recommendation. Other than that I'm not sure if
Noe is one of the people that were at the
ISBBC'06. Was he the young guy in Tina Thierren's dress?
<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.potkettleblack.com/natbild/images/isbbc06/";>http://www.potkettleblack.com/natbild/images/isbbc06/</a>(437).html

Tom's crew + Tina in Ontario.
<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.potkettleblack.com/natbild/images/isbbc06/";>http://www.potkettleblack.com/natbild/images/isbbc06/</a>(379).html

Mark Piepkorn

This is what I find most encouraging about the
writing trades: they allow mediocre people who
are patient and industrious to revise their stupidity,
to edit themselves into something like intelligence.
They also allow lunatics to seem saner than sane.
  - Kurt Vonnegut

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