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GSBN:New list members

Hi all,

No? Solsona and Gernot Minke have been added to the list.

Welcome No? and Gernot, you'll be receiving the list's HELP file on the first of every month, which contains a brief introduction to GSBN and gives some technical instructions on its use.

To post to the list, simply reply to any post you've received.

At 7:12 AM -0500 1/26/07, Mark Piepkorn wrote:
At 05:44 PM 1/25/2007, Anarchitecture - Paille wrote:
I would like to be in this mailing liste
no? solsona, aprenticeship of Tom Rijven

I favor this even if for no reason other than the connection to that wildman. I don't think Tom suffers fools for long, and that's a good recommendation. Other than that I'm not sure if Noe is one of the people that were at the ISBBC'06. Was he the young guy in Tina Thierren's dress?
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Tom's crew + Tina in Ontario.
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