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GSBN:Largest strawbale buildings?

Hi all,
I'm working with a steel manufacturer in China, ArcelorMittal (an
Indian company), who is interested in developing a straw-bale wrap,
steel frame school in Qinghai province. Because the building they are
interested in building is fairly large, 3-4 stores building of about
2400 sqm (that's 25,833 sf for you 'murricans), the development
officer would like photos of and statistics about other large
strawbale buildings.

If there is a relatively large strawbale building in your country,
please send me the stats and a photo. I'd also be interested in any
energy use monitoring that has been done. I will compile all stats
and photos into a pdf document for ArcelorMittal and also post it to
the SB-R-US yahoo group if anyone would like to download it for their
own purposes.

Building Info Needed
Size in Square Meters or Square Feet:
Number of Storys:
Year Completed:
Structural Approach:
Cost (if available):
Energy Efficiency Data (if available):
Web site (if available):

Thanks in advance,


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