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Re: GSBN:Largest strawbale buildings?

Hi Derek,
Yes, sheltering high walls is one of my major concerns, too. There is
no design as yet, only an feasibility inquiry. We are just starting
the discussion and already I've talked to them about sheltering walls
from rain, detailing for moisture, and offered my consulting
services. I'll keep you all updated as the project matures. Thanks,


At 11:47 AM 1/30/2007, Derek Roff wrote:
Hi, Kelly,

Building three or four stories makes shielding the walls from rain a
major design challenge.  Have they indicated how they plan to address


--On January 30, 2007 9:43:55 AM -0800 Kelly Lerner
klerner@... wrote:

Because the building they are
interested in building is fairly large, 3-4 stores building of about
2400 sqm (that's 25,833 sf for you 'murricans)

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