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Re: GSBN:SB in Costa RIca?

Hello Lorenzo --   I have not heard of strawbale building in Costa
Rica.  Most of the country is rather tropical, so the need for
insulation is limited, and the designs usually incorporate wide
overhangs to shelter from the rain, and good ventilation.

We do know a good bamboo builder (couple) who live near San Jose -
Martin Coto and his wife Grace Lizano.  (Grace answers the email and
speaks more English than Martin.) decobambues@...

Also, I know that SEI (Solar Energy International) does solar (PV)
workshops in Costa Rica.  sei@...

And Fox Maple School of Traditional Building does timber-frame
workshops.  foxmaple@...

If you contact any of these people, you may say that we referred you
(Catherine Wanek & Pete Fust) as we are well acquainted.   (Derek
Roff may also have some recommendations for you -- Derek??)

Best regards to you, and have a great trip!

At 10:50 AM 2/1/2007, you wrote:
Hello everybody,
I am planning to cross the atlantic very soon, and be in Costa Rica for a
few weeks .
Does anybody know about SB builders / buildings / projects  in that
It seems they use a lot of wood for construction, and the rice production is
quiet important. it means rice sraw uay be available
Any usefull info welcome.
So long

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