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Re: GSBN:SB in Costa RIca?

I will repeat Catherine's recommendation for contacting Grace and Martin,
since they are well connected with alternative building in Costa Rica.  I
agree with Catherine that building in much of the country has little need
for SBs superior insulation.  However, there are plenty of people living in
the highlands, and burning scarce wood for heat.  So in that niche, SB
would have something to offer.


--On Friday, February 2, 2007 12:19 PM -0700 Catherine Wanek
cat@... wrote:

Hello Lorenzo --   I have not heard of strawbale building in Costa
Rica.  Most of the country is rather tropical, so the need for
insulation is limited, and the designs usually incorporate wide
overhangs to shelter from the rain, and good ventilation.

We do know a good bamboo builder (couple) who live near San Jose -
Martin Coto and his wife Grace Lizano.  (Grace answers the email and
speaks more English than Martin.) decobambues@...

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