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GSBN:Re:pre-fab SB panels/rainscreens

HI Rene,

Could you say a little more about your pre-fab gable panels, or point
me to a thread or info that speaks to this. Sounds intriguing as
gables are an area that can need lots of jigging around.

I would appreciate any other thoughts from the list  on best
practices for the wood sided detailing especially vis a vis papered
or not, air spaces etc.
Also of other ingenious reuse materials that might have been
configured into rain/weather screens.



On 3-Feb-07, at 7:34 AM, Rene Dalmeijer wrote:

Kim and others,

I will be using clapboard on a 5 story house in Amsterdam the street
gables will be pre-fab SB panels.

In the Netherlands we often use clapboard on high or exposed SB walls
as yet we have not defined a preferred system.

On Feb 3, 2007, at 00:16, kim thompson wrote:

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