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GSBN:Nomination for membership

Dear all -- In a recent email exchange, I have been reaquainted with
Zuzana Kierulfova
<<<a  target="_blank" href="mailto:zkierulfova@gmail.com";>mailto:zkierulfova@...>zkierulfova@gmail.com> from
Slovakia...  we had first met at the 2004 ISBBC in Denmark.  She and
her Danish partner Bjorn Kierulf were recently interviewed for an
article about SB in their country.  She writes:

.............Now we are preparing a project of a straw bale seminar
building in our village, near the Small Danube, needed for educating
about organic farming and permaculture, it will be built in summer
and there will be also a workshop organized around it.... also
another workshop is being prepared - in summer- building a
permaculture chicken house....
I think that this year, there will be beginning of SB building in Slovakia ...

I am a member of two NGO, Architecture for sustainable living and
Institute of (energy) passive houses, so people should be able to
find me, and I will present my project in a building magazine this
month (the article in newspaper got issued today), so I hope that
soon I will find people who will be interested.....and people will find me....
.................our company (which consists only of us two) is called
Createrra and was founded to make projects and build houses from
natural materials. (I hope our web site will be soon finished...) our
email: <<a  target="_blank" href="mailto:createrra@gmail.com";>mailto:createrra@...>createrra@...

I would like to nominate Zuzana for membership in the GSBN.   This
would add a link to the emerging strawbale movement in Slovakia.

Best Regards,

Catherine Wanek
Natural Building Resources
505-895-3389 / 800-676-5622

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