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GSBN:Rammed Earth Tire Foundations for SB Homes

Hello All,

Greetings from New Zealand!
I hope everyone gets this as it is my first time writing on this list serve!
By the way, it's great to be a part of this group!!!!!!!!!!

I've had two inquiries within the last week regarding rammed earth tire
foundations for straw bale homes.  Have any of you had experience with this
type of foundation system?
If my memory serves me correctly, Amazon Nails has done a few...but any
resources, drawings, suggestions, input, etc. would be super!
New Zealand does have seismic activity and they may not be appropriate for
this region, but with two different folks asking about them, I figured I
needed to try to find out more info...

Many thanks!


Sarah Johnston, Designer
SOL Design
New Zealand