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Re: GSBN: Agnes Novak- New member?

RE:  nominated Hungarian Agnes Novak -   here is a recent email
update on strawbale in Hungary:

Dear All!   I would like to send my very best wishes  with my very
best memories of our tour in China!    Now in the new year I hope all
of us will have opportunity to  continue the work on environmental
conscious solutions in the built environment.  In Hungary we start a
new project, a Bird-Watch Center near by Hortobagy National Park. The
project will focus on eco-tourism and will provide accommodation for
40 people. The structure will be earth and straw-bale.
Now we are in the design process. If it will be successful, building
will start next Easter in 2008!
Hope we can meet there.
Best for all of you
Agnes Novak

At 12:16 PM 2/6/2007, Martin wrote:
.........Anyone in touch with Hungary these
days? Nominating Agnes Novak would be good for the development there if she
is still in business. She is a professor at the university of Budapest and
published a booklet on strawbale design....

Yes, I saw Agnes again last summer -- she was a participant in the
study tour of Kelly Lerner's World Habitat award-winning project in
China.  She is still involved with strawbale and natural building,
and would be a worthy representative of the GSBN in Hungary.  Her
email is:  novag@...

Warm regards to you, Martin!

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