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GSBN:Re: Rammed Earth Tire Foundations for SB Homes

Hi Sarah and Michel,

I've worked on a few rammed earth tire foundations.  I would like to
pass on the gist of comments by natural builder Pete Fust, when
owner-builders ask his opinion on tire foundations.  Pete points out
that building a house is a long, hard process.  If you don't wake up in
the morning eager to work on your house, then it will be very hard to
finish.  Few people wake up in the morning eager for a second day of
pounding dirt into tires, and almost no one looks forward to the third

The foundation is one of the first steps in building.  Picking a system
that saps your strength, energy and enthusiasm right at the beginning
is risky.  Even if the owner-builder can struggle through the process,
it is likely that the community aspect of building will be lost.
Friends who wanted to help will likely be driven away by the tire
pounding, and miss out on the fun parts, like bale stacking.

Obviously, many people have succeeded in building their homes with tire
foundations.  But I think Pete's comments are worthy of consideration.
Whenever possible, pick effective building systems that are fun over
alternatives that are less so.


--On February 8, 2007 9:18:50 AM +1300 "Sarah R. Johnston"
sarahjohnston@... wrote:

I've had two inquiries within the last week regarding rammed earth
tire foundations for straw bale homes.  Have any of you had
experience with this type of foundation system?

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