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RE: GSBN:Borax fireproofing?

Dear Michel,
Thanks for the emails you (and Riki)sent me on this issue.  To date I have
not been able to locate/purchase borax, boran salt or dehydrated (salt)
boric acid as a raw material.  I have (yesterday) found the importer of
Tim-bor which appears to be the same material, perhaps more highly hydrated,
supplied in 600 gram bags at the price of 15$US.  Have you or others
experience with this particular product?

Tim-bor website link
<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.nisuscorp.com/timbor.html";>http://www.nisuscorp.com/timbor.html</a>

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Hello Mark and, hopefully, all the other noble members of this list ! (I'm
not sure this reply will get to any of you because it's my first ever). If
it does, well I also want to say hello to those of you I met at the Ontario

I am co-author, with Paul Lazinski, of the book "Serious Straw Bale", in
case you happen to know the book. At page 206 of the book we describe the
recipe of the boron mix which was given to me by Paul Belanger of Living
Design Systems in Alberta, Canada. He has used that mix many times to
protect bare bale walls during construction against fire hazards. He has
used it particularly over flax straw which, as you may know, is highly
flammable due to its high linseed oil content.

The mixing is done this way: Two parts of borax are mixed dry with one part
of boric acid to near-boiling water, to the point of saturation-when the
powdered ingredients do not dilute anymore-and then sprayed, usually with a
pressurized garden sprayer. It doesn't take very long to spray an entire
structure this way, and it certainly makes everybody feel much safer until a
base coat of plaster is applied. A mix of 10 pounds of borax and 5 pound of
boric acid is normally sufficient to spray a house.

If you can't find the basic ingredients you could check with a cellulose
fiber manufacturer for they use the same material to coat the fiber mix we
use for insulation purposes.

Michel Bergeron
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Le 07/02/07 13:54, &#xC7;&#xCA;Mark Schueneman&#xCA;&#xC8; markschu@... a ?crit&#xCA;:

> Greetings All,
> COSBA has been asked to provided some 'fireproofed' bales for seating at a
> childrens event here in Boulder. The city requires they be fireproofed.
> will actually be spread out in a grassy lawn and present little fire
> but the city is worried about some subversive type igniting them, I guess.
> has several mentions of Boraxed bales but no mention of mix ratio or
> penetration required. Any experience with this by anyone?
> Regards,
> Mark Schueneman
> Colorado Straw Bale Association
> 303-444-6027 hm./of.
> 303-591-9841 cell
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