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Re: GSBN:"Natural Building: A Guide..." by Tom Woolley

At 03:50 PM 2/9/2007, you wrote:
Dude, you are SUCH a suck-up.

Anything I have has come to me through sucking up. Have I told you how wonderful you are lately?

Thanks for the third party (suck up) review. It's always better when someone else toots your horn for you.

It is a pretty good book - not as good as the Lynn Elizabeth / Cassandra Adams affair, but good. Better than Chiras and those sorts, IMO. And the truth is that I kinda felt sorry for him after that accidental first post, which came across as a little pathetic. I didn't want him to have it just lingering. He doesn't deserve that, and does deserve kudos, so what the heck.

        Next I'm going to start an anti-workshop thread.

Mark Piepkorn

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