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RE: GSBN:SB in Costa RIca?

Lorenzo -- This just in -- a timber-framing workshop in Costa Rica:

Fox Maple School of Traditional Building
PO Box 249 Brownfield, Maine 04010
Home page:  <<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.foxmaple.com/";>http://www.foxmaple.com/</a>>www.foxmaple.com
Email:  <<a  target="_blank" href="mailto:foxmaple@foxmaple.com";>mailto:foxmaple@...>foxmaple@...

Costa Rica Timber Framing, February 27-March 10, 2007
This year marks the 7th year that we have been working with the small
farming community of San Luis, and the cooperative community farm of
finca la bella. The project in our 2007 workshop will be a house
frame for Olivier Garro and his family. Olivier, a parcelero of finca
la bella, has worked with us extensively since our first CR workshop
in 2001, and has traveled twice to Maine on scholarship to help
assist and to learn the full spectrum of timber framing. Anyone who
knows Olivier can testify to his talent in executing fine joinery, as
well as to his enthusiasm, excitement and uplifting spirit. We are
very happy to be able to devote this workshop to a new house frame
for he and his family. A special invitation goes out to all students
and friends who have had the opportunity to work with Oliver, in San
Luis and in Maine, over the years (for these students/friends, please
email for special details). As in all of our IPCBI workshops, this is
a great opportunity learn Timber Framing while at the same time
integrating intimately into a very special community. Tuition 12 day
TF, $1,250. Home stay lodging with local families, including all
meals, is included in this workshop. For more information and
registration, please visit our
<<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.foxmaple.com/workshops.html";>http://www.foxmaple.com/workshops.html</a>>website.

Timber Framing Mallets
We are now offering Fox Maple timber framing mallets for sale. These
mallets are hand turned to Fox Maple specs by community members in
San Luis, Costa Rica, from a variety of tropical hardwood species
salvaged from old fence posts, dead tree limbs and firewood piles in
the valley of San Luis. For years we've made mallets using this
salvaged wood with machetes and hatchets. As a way of supplying our
students need for a good mallet, and also to provide employment
opportunities to local craftsmen, we managed to conjure up a good
wood lathe capable of turning fine mallets. Production is underway. A
percentage of all proceeds will be donated to the local San Luis
elementary school to help purchase supplies and other school needs.
For more information, or to purchase one of these mallets, visit our
<<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.foxmaple.com/order.html";>http://www.foxmaple.com/order.html</a>>web store.

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