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GSBN:Bamboo, clay and "worlds largest building"

Hi all!


Here in Spain Maren and I are in the process of advising on a design for an
exciting new SB building.  The idea is to build 1500m2 structure of Bamboo
and straw with a clay plaster and Potassium silicate paints. The building
consists of two round ãtowersä interconnected.  The larger of which will be
37 meters diameter at the base and about 33m diameter at the top, and 21
meters tall.  Does this count in the running as the ãlargestä? Has anyone
tried anything similar to learn from past experiences?


We will inform you all ore about the project when we have more details·


One of our ãproblemsä is to solve the encounters between the clay and
bamboo.  We have never worked with bamboo.  We will be doing testing, but
are interested in recommendations on how to solve the problem of the clay
sticking to the bamboo (I understand it is not porous at all) without it
cracking.  I fear that if we nail or screw something on it the bamboo will
split, and don«t know if a ãkey-coatä of  casein paint with sand/straw will
be enough to keep the clay on·Any ideas?




Rikki Nitzkin 

Aul?s, Lleida (Spain)

 (0034) 657 33 51 62

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