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Re: GSBN:Bamboo, clay and "worlds largest building"

Tell us more about the bamboo that you will use, and how it interfaces with the clay and straw. What diameter will the bamboo be? Will it be notched into the straw bales to some extent, or will it sit on the surface?

Will all the bamboo be in the middle of the wall sections, where the plaster must bridge it, to form a continuous plaster layer? Or will some bamboo pieces form a plaster stop of some sort, at doors, windows, and perhaps corners?


--On February 23, 2007 5:34:32 PM +0100 Rikki Nitzkin rikkinitzkin@... wrote:

One of our â??problemsâ?? is to solve the encounters between the clay
and bamboo.  We have never worked with bamboo.  We will be doing
testing, but are interested in recommendations on how to solve the
problem of the clay sticking to the bamboo (I understand it is not
porous at all) without it cracking.  I fear that if we nail or screw
something on it the bamboo will split, and don´t know if a
â??key-coatâ?? of  casein paint with sand/straw will be enough to
keep the clay onâ?¦Any ideas?

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